Start date: March 1, 2023
End date: June 15, 2023
All-day event
Location: 2075 Deer Park Avenue, Deer Park, NY 11729

The Brumidi Lodge will once again create a Field Of Flags display on the lawn of the Lodge to honor heroes. The display will run from one week before Memorial Day through Flag Day 2023. The field of flags will be a display of American made flags each 3’ by 5’ on a 6ft pole. You can sponsor a flag, either in honor of a veteran, an active member of the military, a personal hero, a first responder, or in memory of a loved one for $20.00. each. Each flag comes with a tag detailing the honoree and the sponsor.

Thank you for your support in this fundraising event while at the same time paying tribute to those who served to protect us and those who continue to do so.

Mail completed order form to Constantino Brumidi Lodge #2211 to the above address along with your check made out to Brumidi Lodge, Flag Campaign in the memo.

Any questions, feel free to call Karen at (631) 539-9113


FLAG ORDER FORM (Please return by May 1st, 2023)

First Name ____________________________ Last Name________________________________

Address _________________________________ City ____________ State _____ Zip _______

Email Address _____________________________ Phone _______________________________

Please indicate how many flags you would like to order _________Flag(s) @ $20 each

Name(s) of the Individual you are honoring: _____________________________________________

Check One: (Honor of) ______ (In Loving Memory of) _________

Please Indicate Branch of Military, Rank, Years of Service, War/Campaign Served, Service Agency (police, firefighter, EMS, etc.) _________________________________________________________

Please let this person know I have purchased a flag to honor their family member:

Name: __________________________ Address: ____________________________________